First Impressions

City life… so it’s been three days, and to tell you the truth, Auckland is just like any other city. The people speak with¬†delightful¬†accents and drive on the other side of the road,… Continue reading

Leaving on a Jet Plane, Don’t Know When I’ll be Back Again…

Made it! After more than 17 hours in the air, over six hours in the LAX airport and passing over one international date time line, Andrew and I are in New Zealand. On… Continue reading

This is it!

We’re on our way! Bags checked, security cleared… There is so much I want to write about these past few days, but all I can think is… WE’RE MOVING TO NEW ZEALAND! We… Continue reading

One more week

Ah! I can’t believe we’re moving in less than a week! Yup, 6 days. I feel like I’ve been packing, and cleaning, and packing, and there is still so much to sort through.… Continue reading

Color Run

Labor Day Weekend: TopGolf / Out and About DC

9 More Days!

We’re leaving for New Zealand in nine days! We’re spending as much time with our friends as possible before we leave, or more accurately, reveling in our friends culinary skills! Now that we’re… Continue reading

Before Firsts

I can tell the move is coming up by the big pile of stuff littering the floors of our apartment. We just sold both our bookshelves, we’ve sold our cabinet, kitchen storage unit,… Continue reading

Mini Road Trip

This past weekend Andrew’s high school buddy tied the knot in New Hampshire. Andrew and I drove up to New Hampshire, stopping near Philly to catch up with his uncle and some friends… Continue reading

Old Rag Photos