Good Day!

I’m glad you’ve stopped by. I am a young, ambitious woman who moved to New Zealand after twenty-five years in the United States to see what happens. Haven’t you always wanted to just pick up and go? This blog is a way for me to document my next great adventure! I hope to share what I learn, blogging about the places I’ve been, and where am going, along with other things I find interesting. This past spring (south pacific side) I trained and completed a triathlon, I found a job that I enjoy but isn’t related to my career in the least. So on that point, I’m still looking, and I cook and eat excessively! At least three times a day! I don’t write particularly well, but I am particularly good at writing heaps.

What might you find in this blog? I like to cook, travel, read and hike! I moved with my partner of five years who is working for a company in New Zealand on a one year contract. I enjoy my partner’s company and you will hear about him in my blog too. I am an engineer, and I am looking for work in Auckland (gotta pay the bills somehow) and I love solving problems (So hire me!).

So who knows what this blog will really be about until we get there?


Update November 2013:

Good day, once more:

I thought it might be helpful to note that a year has come and gone, and my partner and I are still living and loving everything that New Zealand has to offer. I’ve finally found that engineering job that allows me to work and learn in Auckland, while Andrew has some on again, off again contract work. We’re still trying to live each day to the fullest and keep in touch with friends and family back home. This blog has been a great forum to share updates about what Andrew and I are up to, and I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures.

That being said, I welcome anyone reading about my adventures to consider how they can lead a life of adventure. Sometimes it takes a plane ticket and miles of travel to find hidden gems, and sometimes, it’s just getting up early on a Saturday to check out that local French market in the city (speaking of getting up early to go to the local French market, I really need to get on that…

Update April 2016:

Why hello again! That was a pretty sweet French market, huh? Now my challenge is to find another one, but in Wellington. I’ve relocated with my handsome partner a little while ago and now I’m continuing the adventure in this new setting. I’ve put a pause on my engineering to do a bit of teaching, which is an adventure in and of itself! Lot’s of cool things still on, so hope you find something interesting reading about my journey.