Big City Blues

When most people think of Australia, they think of Sydney. Despite our travels so far, we hadn’t made it to the biggest city and capital of New South Wales. As luck would have it, some friends were living in Sydney for a while, so we decided to stop by and say hello.

Sydney is such a large city and there was a lot to do, and very little time to do it. We decided to take it easy and not try to do too much. We spent a lot of time walking, busing and ferrying around the most populated city in Oceania.

IMG_20170419_115345There were plenty of great beaches to explore during the day. Manly Beach was pretty nice, but there was something that did feel a little sexist about it. Lots of little cafes along the water and families about which was nice though. We just sat and soaked up the sun, then grabbed a little snack when we got a little tired. The ferry was a fun way to get around, so we also went to Watsons Bay where we had some hearty fish and chips. Watson’s bay was not far from Gap Bluff, which looked like a really cool place to explore. We didn’t stay long though, as we met up with some friends that afternoon. We also made it to Bondi Beach another day. It was a pretty spectacular looking beach, but it was also VERY crowded. I mean, really crowded. A lot of vitamin D was had though, a few waves and a bit of Frisbee.

Sydney, being a larger city, had a lot more to choose from in terms of restaurants and cafes. DSCN3036Our destination one afternoon was a delicious dessert bar, called Koi. One of Australia’s masterchef’s was involved with the delicious establishment and I got a chocolaty dessert called the Opera House. I wasn’t disappointed with crunchy and smooth sweet. Near the dessert bar there was this fantastic green building.IMG_20170420_111850 I think there is a lot more to the building than I care to comment on here, but it was still really cool to see.

Another night we sought out some Mexican food. It was a pretty good adventure to find the place, called La Cocina de la Abuela, after dark. It was nice to walk through the neighborhoods and peak in the windows of the shops along the way. The restaurant was a decent spot, though deserted on this weeknight. I wouldn’t say it was the best meal I’d had on our travels, but it was pretty good.

One surprising find was a vegan place in Newtown called the Golden Lotus. I am most definitely not a vegan, nor a vegetarian, but I am generally more than happy to try a good place out. Goodness knows it’s harder to commit to eating your veggies on holiday, and this place was fantastic! I’d most definitely go there again! I got a mushroom dish (okay, okay, I know it’s not technically a vegetable) that was so crunchy and delicious and I could have easily ordered another to take away with me.

After eating our way around Sydney, we took our friends to see some funny business. The Comedy Store in Sydney does $10 comedy shows most nights and they’d had fantastic reviews. We saw half a dozen comedians, and while there was one dud, the rest were hilarious so we had some really good laughs.

With just a few days in Sydney, we knew we wouldn’t get to see everything. With just one morning left, we decided to check out the aquarium. We saved a money and time by buying tickets on our phones, skipping the large lines and pre-school groups. We zoomed through the Ikea-like maze of the aquarium to catch the shark feeding and talk led by a Brazilian named Eduardo and then backtracked to check out the other cool creatures throughout the space.

The aquarium was located in Darling Harbour which was a pretty nice place to walk around as well.