Wellies in Wellington for the Weekend

For those of you not in Wellington, you might not be aware that we’ve had a miserable summer. It’s been rainy, unseasonably cold and overcast and summers already over (yup, ended yesterday). It was almost the cloudiest summer on record, but for a few sunny days there at the very end. We had a bomb low, locally known as a weather bomb, which is a low-pressure system bringing torrential rains and gale-force winds.

The only up-side? I finally got to wear my wellies in Wellington. 🙂


A friend did a stopover in Wellington so we got up to some of the usual shenanigans.

On our way to a beach cafe one day, we found a new Weta Hotel was built along our walking path. Always nice to make new friends on our travels.


Fortunately, my friend caught a couple of the only nice days this summer!


She didn’t get to stay long, and right after she left I got tickets to a Sofar Sounds music event. It’s basically a free intimate (read: small) music show with surprise artists at a surprise venue. Thought I’d give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised. There were three artists; both Ryan Ferris and Frank Burkitt were great, but I absolutely loved Lynn O’Brien. Check it out and see if they have it in your city!


Other than that, I’ve basically been tending to my little garden. It’s doing alright. Got some cherry tomatoes nearly red, a couple of late strawberries and check out the bloom on that zucchini plant!