Around town

You may have noticed I haven’t written in a bit. That’s not to say I’ve sat on the couch all winter, though to be fair, there was a lot of that too.

Winters get chilly in Wellington, and quite a bit rainy. But it’s not so cold. There was still time for a little hiking. Like the Wrights Hill Reserve.


And the Maupuia Walkway:


Where we also found a little geo cache: IMG_20151229_162630[1]

There were some red rocks we strolled passed. We found the devil’s gate and carefully checked around every rock. Never found the devil though. But I suppose the rocks were kind of red.


img_20160426_150636 img_20160426_144349

On those rainy days, we did some cooking. I found a pretty good recipe for a copycat Gino’s East deep dish Chicago Style Pizza. Think I got pretty close. I also found a copycat Entemann’s Cheese filled Coffee Crumb Cake.

img_20160428_194141 img_20160918_195217

There was a human powered carnival that kept us entertained one night too. (The Contact Festival Playground in Frank Kitts Park.)

IMG_20160301_202404[1] IMG_0096[1]


We moved from an apartment we rented to a house we own!

IMG_20151107_152046[1] IMG_0132[1] IMG_0091[1]

So, where to next?