Staglands & Cuddles

Several months ago Andrew took me to Staglands. Not too far from Wellington, it’s a Wildlife Reserve with lots of animals that love cuddles.

Unfenced water animals bite

We were greeted on arrival by two adorable little piggies. They were so happy to eat out of our hands and have a little pat. So cute!

Baby pigs Piglets

There was a little pond and waterfall, which made for a nice walk. They had free tractor-trailer rides, but we passed on those.

Unfenced water

Not long after, we found the little piggies momma.

Mom and babies

We got ourselves a little bit of feed and we wandered around the park looking at cheese, venison, beef and pork seeds. Yum.

Popular kid Popular kid Nom nom nom

We ran into a bunch of kids too.

Pet me Kids Baaa

Afterwards, we went to give a little love to our party mascots:

Democrat love Cuddling with the donkey

It was a good drive outside of Wellington, but it was absolutely worth it 🙂