Garden of Eden

IMG_20151018_122714On one side of Mount Eden, a clever little hill in Auckland, was tucked away a secret garden and I had a bit of time to Burnett before I would join Andrew in Wellington. I had gotten a coupon for a discount on entrance and tea and I’d bean meaning to go for a while. I knew it was sappy, but I got the coupon hoping to go with Andrew sometime though it never panned out. When I asked my frond if she’d be keen to join, she immediately said, “Birch please, lettuce go this weekend!” We decided to spend an afternoon wandering among the beautiful flowers and just hang out and shoot the shiitake.


IMG_20151018_123650The afternoon was a poplar afternoon for people visiting the gardens. I felt so good from my head tomatoes in the afternoon sun and it was a beautiful day to ketchup with my friend! The garden was over-elm-ingly serene. Quite the pear, my friend and I did get lost a little at one point and were quite stumped as to the best way to go, but we ended up oak-ay as we just stuck to the path until we found our way again. I was so excited when I spotted this brightly colored bird that I almost wet my plants! I egret that I didn’t get a good photosynthesis bird kept flying just out of view at really hawk-ward times.
After spending a bit of thyme wandering around, we decided to turnip to the cafe for a tea and scone. I fern-ly be-leaf it was the best scone I’d had in a very long time! I don’t carrot what you think, it’s only my o-pine-on, and you might disa-green, but I really enjoyed it.

IMG_20151018_142437Last but not leek, we hiked up a path in the gardens which brought us to a beautiful vista. It was a bit steep at times, but it was no fig deal over all.  It was a great place to find a little peas and to relax a little. Being acorny pair, my friend and I took a bunch of silly photos at the top of the hill! I needed a few minutes to sit on my ash a bit after the hill, but we didn’t stay long since I was getting rather thirsty again and I was really craving a rootbeer about this time.

IMG_20151018_124016I would have loved to have spent more time at the gardens if only I’d gnome it was there earlier! I wont beet around the bushes, it was a wonderful afternoon! If yew get the chance, I’d absolutely recommend a visit to Eden Gardens!

I will leaf you here as I have some spruce-ing up to do around the house now. I don’t want to squash anyone’s hopes fir more, but thistle be my last Auckland post. 😦