Time keeps on slipping

Hi there! I’m back!

So let’s see. Last we spoke, I was working in Auckland. Then I decided to not do that anymore.

I am now living and working part time in Wellington! You might be thinking, if you’re part time, how come you haven’t written in so long! Well, truth is, I’m trying to fill all that time up with heaps of projects!

I’ve almost finished a trial refinishing project. I have this beautiful 6 seat extendable wooden kitchen table that needs a serious sand and dye job that I got for $40. But true to form, I’ve decided to make over my Op Shop coffee table to test out my refinishing skills and learn the ropes.

I bought a Raspberry Pi Zero that I am dying to try out. I’ve got plans and ideas! I want to make a pinball machine and a smart mirror but I don’t even have a keyboard! Though I’m timid with my funds.

Because Andrew and I are looking at apartments. Not to rent, but to buy! Ahhh! This is so scary! It’s a fun process, mostly.

Plus, I’m trying to start up a small stall at the weekend markets, which is proving to be quite the challenge! I almost had things up and running this week, but a change of ownership on a shared kitchen thwarted my plans!

That, and I’m exploring Wellington. I really love this city!

That about catches you up.

Talk soon!