Monthly Archive: April, 2016

Garden of Eden

On one side of Mount Eden, a clever little hill in Auckland, was tucked away a secret garden and I had a bit of time to Burnett before I would join Andrew in… Continue reading


Well, as anyone who has spoken to me lately may know, I’ve become quite the little (see: raging) feminist as of late. And while part of me wants to just go on and… Continue reading

Blueberry Museum

Wellington is an 8 hour drive from Auckland. It’s not that long of a drive, but it’s still a long drive. My good friend graciously agreed to come along and keep me company.… Continue reading

Time keeps on slipping

Hi there! I’m back! So let’s see. Last we spoke, I was working in Auckland. Then I decided to not do that anymore. I am now living and working part time in Wellington! You… Continue reading