Treasure hunting

I volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters. And this is what we’ve been up to lately.

The Adventures of a Little and a Big

Did you know, not far from where you’re reading this, there is something hidden. It could be a list of successful treasure finders, a trinket or two, a big box or a thumb-sized tube. But it’s not far from where you are. Right. Now.

Are you a little weirded out? Or excited?

Isabel and I are proud to have joined the ranks of successful geo-cachers.

The idea behind geo-cashing, is there is a treasure (or finders list) placed somewhere on public property. Hidden in the city, the parks or sidewalks. There are GPS coordinates to find said treasure, and when you get close, you may need to utilize some clues to find it.

I downloaded the free “Intro to Geocaching” application (paid upgrade available, but I’ve not had to use it yet) on my phone and we were off!

There was a cache just behind my Little Sister’s house. We…

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