Just keep swimming

Ferry out to BayswaterThis morning, before the sun came up, I rolled out of bed, gathered my swim things and set off for the ferry. Today is the day I decided to swim across the Auckland Harbour. Can't believe I swam that!Thankfully, the weather was pretty swell, not much wind, sunny but not too warm. If you ask me why, I might tell you it’s to protest the lack of any bike lanes, pedestrian lanes or trains taking you from the north shore to Auckland City, but that might just be because I need reason to justify swimming 2.9km early this Sunday morning. Of course, the personal satisfaction of doing so was pretty great.

Lots of crazies like meI took the ferry out to Bayswater, where lots of other people must have also decided swimming 2.9km on a Sunday morning was a brilliant plan. All donning our coloured swim caps, we gathered at a large park. Sadly, after climbing into my wetsuit, I had to retire my phone and couldn’t take any more photos.

Fortunately, I had been swimming an hour in the morning a couple of times a week, and practicing in the ocean, so while I was a little nervous, I felt pretty confident. Good and bad. My confidence in the water came a little late, so while I had few doubts I’d make it to the other side, I gave myself a last minute goal I didn’t quite achieve. I guess there is always next year? All in all, I went pretty strong finishing at an hour and 15 minutes. My pacing was okay, I did take a short break around the 2k mark to catch my breath and just enjoy floating in the center of the harbour. One part about swimming I didn’t realise was how much contact there was. I took an elbow to the eye early on. Had the elbow not just squished all the air out of my google really fast, I would have had a pretty bad black eye I suspect. Near the end, some sucker behind me wasn’t keen on following me and instead of going around me decided to hang onto my foot for a bit. I suppose that’s one way not to get kicked in the face and also keep moving forward. Not sure how legit that practice is though.

My friend (remember Skippy, who joined me on our adventure to Rotorua?) met me at the finish line. It was fantastic to know I had someone supporting me in Auckland. My friends and family knew I was swimming this morning, but having someone there was wonderful. So thank you Skippy!! After the race, we went for a walk around the viaduct and the marina and enjoyed the beautiful sunny morning.

When I got home, I rewarded myself with some Lewis Road Creamery – Whittakers Chocolate Milk and raspberries. This might not sound all too exciting, but let me elaborate.Raspberries and chocolate milk Lewis Road Creamery sells organic milk and earlier this year started selling chocolate milk. I don’t drink too much milk, so when I do, I prefer to drink organic milk (if you’re curious what the difference is, click here to read more about why.)  I’m not as big a fan of chocolate milk as my chocolate affliction would let on though. However this milk has been very sought after in New Zealand. The first week I saw it on the shelf, I decided against buying it, since I like malt better than chocolate in my milk. Since then, the local grocery store has been sold out. When they get it in, there is a 2 per customer limit. New Zealand is a small country and generates little news itself, so the hot topic of this chocolate milk has been the source of various newspapers articles. And yesterday, when I was at the grocery store, one little bottle was on the shelf. I decided, what the heck, let’s give it a go. Just as I was putting it in my basket, a middle aged woman tried to convince me to give it to her. Oh yes she did. And the raspberries, well they are my favorite fruit. Which doesn’t sound so innocuous, until I tell you they are usually $8.99 I punnet! They were on sale yesterday for $7.99 (which basically comes down to about 50 cents a berry, ouch!)

So there you have it, I think about food way to much and I swam across the Auckland Harbour! To keep my motivation up, I signed up for another 3.2km swim in February to the Bean Rock Lighthouse and back. And, better yet, my husband will be back n Auckland then to cheer me on =D