To roam and nap

Birds of ParadiseMy awesome friend from college came to visit for a couple of weeks last month and we were very fortunate to get some super cheap flights out to Melbourne one weekend. And if you read my earlier post, you will know that a) I LOVE Melbourne and b) kinda sort love a handsome man living there.

FlagsMy friend, like my sister, are both city people. Just, not in the same way I am. I love to soak up the ambiance and listen to the conversations and sounds and take in the smells. I love to find a nice cafe to sit and relax in while people-watching, or check out a funky play or festival. John F KennedyThey like those things too, but more importantly, they like tall-inanimate objects built by some dead guys (let’s face it, they weren’t women). I get city-scapes, but old buildings just don’t cut it for me. I like art, but I am just not that into it. To compromise, I let my friend plan a day and we wandered around town looking at this old church, and that old courthouse and yadda yadda yadda. I found a garden here and there and to my pleasure and her slight annoyance I believe, took in a couple of afternoon naps while she meandered about. Yum! NappingThe hot sun on my face, the sounds of squealing tires, giggling new couples and tired children whining mingled about me. Though in one park we did find a memorial to one of our own, American President John F. Kennedy. And after some pretty garden watching, I may have gotten a little bored.

Hello, Nice to meet you The weather is looking nice today And how do you do?

Building in a building...Human Walking ProgramWe met up with a friend for breakfast in a mall downtown. It was pretty neat, as there used to be an old building there, and the mall was built around it. I guess that’s one way to preserve the old architecture. Afterwards, we walked and walked. And even ran across a human walking program. An interesting marketing campaign by the Lost Dogs Home to get people walking by walking dogs. And, in retaliation for the numerous (excessive, obsessive) building picture taking…. I give you penguins.


And more napping


On Saturday, we went to Philips Island, and I’ll put together a post so I don’t inundate you now (sneak peak, we pet fluffy kangaroos!) We ate in, and ate out. Andrew took us to his own burger joint that had amazing burgers! We stopped by the South Melbourne Market again. South Melbourne MarketPlayed some card Andrew's Burgersgames. All in all, it was a rather short trip but it was great Andrew and my friend got to catch up a bit as well. And, in the most exciting news, Andrew will be back in Auckland at the end of the month!! Woot woot!