Concerning Gorillas

qbasic-gorilla-screenshotDo you remember your first video game? Whether when you were 5, 15 or 50, most people have a fond memory of their first game. Mine was an old QBasic game that came with DOS systems in the early 90’s, called Gorillas. My mom is a writer, so she had a computer for her writing, and somehow, it came to be that my little 5 year old self found myself playing this ingenious game. There were two gorillas on either side of a city-scape. Each player input both an angle and a velocity  at which to hurl an explosive banana in an attempt to take out the other player. I remember playing with my dad and sister in the little computer cubby we had set up in the family room. Most kids didn’t learn about angles til much later in math class, but by the time angles were introduced in class, I was an expert! No wonder I fell into engineering

PAX AUS 2014

Needless to say, when my partner and I decided to attend PAX, a videogame conference in Melbourne, we spent hours debating the best couples costume. My exceedingly tall husband was the city-scape, while I dressed up as a gorilla. And, aprops for a conference in Australia, I got little yellow boomerangs which I detailed to look like bananas.While not many people caught on to our costume out of sheer ignorance of the best game ever, those who did got a good kick out of it. Also, while few partook, the game was actually interactive. All I needed was another player and we could play!



Full HouseMike Krahulik and Jerry HolkinsUltimately, Andrew and I had a good time at the conference. Andrew met two of the Penny Arcade creators (actually, we met them in Melbourne the day before the conference started on the Yarra River promenade.) Loads of people attended the conference, many in costume. Andrew played the new Assassin’s Creed, while I demo’ed some racing games, and a Captain Toad game for the Wii U. Both Andrew and I are into Pokemon, Andrew moreso than I, and there were Gym Leaders, aka bosses, one could battle to get badges (if you don’t play sorry for the lingo). Andrew had a good go of it. Both winning and losing, I thought it was a super creative and social way to bring another videogame to life! There were some freeplay areas, where Andrew and I battled in the new MarioKart. Without a Wii, or Wii U in this case, we’ve been a bit MarioKart deprived lately. There were loads of people playing demo’s, consoles and card games. Not too many freebie’s, as I had expected, but still good fun.

Captain Toad New toad game Andrew playing Smash


Joust game for Move Lots of free play Andrew rocking old school games


Whoops - Game Over

There was an evening concert that sounded pretty neat, but Andrew and I decided to hit up his work party instead. During the week, I’d worked on a special addition to our Gorillas costume, and we imbibed, enjoyed a drag show and watched two of America’s presidents get down.

Dancing Queen Huh?

So while it’s belated, a Happy Halloween to you all! Hope you had as much fun as I did!

Happy Halloween