No Excuses

One of the most iconic images of Auckland is a view of the city from the Harbour. Well, not one to shrink away from a challenge, this year, I decided to swim across that Harbour. Each year since 2004, swimmers have been allowed to swim across the Harbour, a route normally only permitted by boats or cars up on the bridge. Ideally, one day there will be a train or a bike path, but until then, I suppose I could consider the trek in my swim things.

Bridge photo from

I’ve got two more months to get up to speed. It’s a 2.9km swim, so I’ve got a ways to go, and if I’m not prepared, I’m not going to risk it. But I’ve written it down and posted it, so now I better get my motivation in order!

If you’ve been following my journey, you’ll remember the first apartment Andrew and I rented had a view of Harbour Bridge. Yup, the plan is to cross that!

View from our apartment