Auckland: Big Little City

As you may know, Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand, and it’s grown into quite the International city over the past years. Want proof?

Lunar Lantern Festival My favorite Lanterns

PenguinsA couple of weeks ago was the Chinese Lunar New Year. To celebrate, Auckland held a Lantern Festival in Albert Park. While I did not make it to the festival, I took a walk through the park before the crowds on my way to a market across town. There were some beautiful lanterns, some silly ones and some that were very cultural and appeared to stand out against the city fixtures of Auckland.

Beautiful Lanterns Nice

But where was I actually headed? To the French market, finally! In the parking lot outside of a French store and cafe, there were fruit, olive, cheese, meat and vegetable stands. Not a terribly large market, but plenty to see and sample. I loaded up my bag with fruits and veggies and walked back home, with one last stop on the way for a quick swim.

So there you have it, the day the North American walked through an Asian Festival to a European Market in the South Pacific.

Auckland Big little City