When did 2014 happen?

During my mom’s visit, it rained a lot. It was also a lot cooler than it normally is this time of year. But that didn’t stop us from taking advantage of the sunny moments or the sunny days. We postponed some plans due to the rain and headed towards Devonport for breakfast one morning then sprinted from the car to the theater to catch the latest Hobbit movie after the sky wept all afternoon. For New Years, we headed back to Waiheke, to our favorite vineyard for dinner. Since we didn’t do anything big for Christmas dinner, we decided, or my mom graciously offered to splurge a bit for New Years Eve.

Mudbrick Restaurant

After a lovely ferry ride to Waiheke we killed a few hours on the beach. While there were some people in the water, we stuck to the shore and swing set as it was definitely jacket weather in my book. There are all sorts of cute shops in Waiheke and we wandered through a few! Then we made our way to Mudbrick, our favorite vineyard! And with an incredible view and great reviews on their menus. As soon as we arrived, we knew this was a great plan! We settled in, had some bubbles to start off the evening, and talked, and ate, and snapped a photo then ate some more. The food was delicious!! The company, spectacular! But the crazy part was that about 10:55, we realized that if we skipped dessert, we could catch the 11:15 ferry home. The original plan was to catch the 1:15am ferry, but who are we kidding? We can’t stay up that late! Not even on New Years Eve!

Beautiful view of Rangitoto and downtown Auckland Sun has set on 2013

We got our bon bons to go and raced in a cab to the ferry port! We paid the speedy cab driver and raced onto the ferry with not a minute more to spare. And do we regret it? Does this dessert loving foodie regret skipping one of her favorite courses? Not in the least!

Happy New Year!

The ferry dumped us at the port with 15 minutes to spare til the clock rang midnight and we made it home, and up four flights of stairs (oh right, did I tell you how the elevator in our apartment was broken for three weeks, all of which occurred while my mother, suitcases and all, was here?) just in the nick of time. With our sleepy time tea in hand, the clock said see ya later 2013 and it was 2014.

Wonder what the new year brings?