Monte Igueldo

Heading on over to the funicularThe first night we checked into the hotel, severely jet-lagged, the hotel receptionist told us about a tram that takes us to Monte Igueldo. The view was nice she said. I don’t know why she thought that was the most exciting thing to tell us, but it stuck with me. On my next day off, Andrew and I decided to take this little tram up to the top of Monte Igueldo and snap a couple of nice panoramic pictures. Rather simple, nothing too wild or crazy.

Funicular Building House

We wandered through town til we got to the bottom of the funicular. An old (over 100 years old) train that takes you to the top of the hill where, we were thrilled to discover, it wasn’t just a nice view…

How old is this thing? Chugga chugga chugga

Beautiful fall day Is this our stop?

Bam! Nice view

Pretty shot Me being artistic

Still wondering where this is going?

Because the view was nice San Sebastian was pretty nice

Enjoying the view Relaxing

What is this? This could go somewhere cool?

House of TerrorThe House of Terror might have been the first sign this locale wasn’t just for the view. But let’s not get hung up on this. We got spooked, then we went to the House of Terror. Yes, because climbing to the top of a 17th century tower was spooky. Can I just say, I’m a scaredy cat! We climbed the whole way up, saw the gaps in the rocks and basically spent just long enough on top to snap a couple of pictures before we ran down and out the stairs before this thing could tumble down realizing that several hundred years was too long to be standing upright!

Tower of terror? Can we go back down yet?

I did say it had nice views

Can you see the sneak peak of whats to come in this one?

But mostly, a nice view

Still standing Strurdy looking from this side

Yea, it was a fun park! Did you see that  little roller coaster in the bottom left of the photo before?

Roller Coaster, don't mind if I do Fun park, fun view

Giraffe or space ship? Waffles and ice cream, yes please

Big Winner?Yea, that happened. Good view, sweets, and fun times. Monte Igueldo, 5 stars in my book!