I’m back!!

You know those winter blues? Well, turns out it’s universal. Rainy weather, hum-drum of a job routine. It all adds up. For the past couple of months, life has been a little less than exciting. I threw out my back right after I started my new job, and after what I’d hoped would be a new running routine. No exercise for a while compiled with rather rainy weather meant a lot of movie nights. To add more grim to the grind, Andrew’s contract ended, as well as many of his co-workers’. Many, many good-bye dinners, and farewell lunches and a couple rides to the airport later…

There is hope, seasons change! Of course, anyone who lives in a seasonal climate with a rainy, cold or dark season understands. I’ve heard reports back home it’s getting darker earlier, and earlier and while I know it’s tough, it’s hard not to smile and just think, “Well, it’s almost summer here!” The sun stays up til nearly bed time and wakes up with me in the morning. I love the snow, the fall and that winter smell, but I wonder, what would it be to live somewhere where it’s sunny ALL year long? None of this rainy business, or cloudy days and dark nights. Perhaps these are all just excuses for us all to be lazy once a year and catch up on crappy TV?

But alas, less brooding, you say? Sure. Spring is here. The city has awoken from its winter stupor and is more alive. Before I left on my business trip back in mid-October, the local neighborhood festival kicked off the spring season with a bunch of sidewalk stands. Andrew and I took note; we know where we want to go this summer.

So sorry to my folks who are waiting for pictures from Spain, here you have a local street festival! (But yes, I’m working on uploading those photos now…) Cliche costumes and crepes from the local French restaurant, yummy Italian pig and a German dog. Oh, and running through my photos… a superbly represented American Banana Split.

Who needs to travel when my backyard is filled with so much culture already?

You can be a big pig too American Sundae

Crepes, yes please.                                    German-style