So Andrew finally made it to Devonport!

Ferry in Devonport, across the harbor from Auckland

On Sunday, despite the day’s rainy demeanor, we finally wandered over to the ferry and hopped aboard to Devonport, a small town at the end of the north shore peninsula. The ferry ride is only a short hop across the harbor. Devonport is a cute town with shops and restaurants, and with our eyes set on breakfast, I took him to the Stone Oven Cafe. By the time we got there, it was high time for brunch, and while Andrew got breakfast, I indulged in lunch.

Duster Coat on AndrewChocolates!As luck would have it, the weather cleared up while we ate and all full of deliciousness, we wandered around the various shops. Andrew tried on a duster coat and ended up buying a belt from a leather store. We saw all sorts of trinkets and even got some good ideas for Christmas gifts for family and friends. We checked out some specialty shops and even, mmmm, a chocolate shop.

After a short while, the rain picked up again, so we decided to head home and test out my new cast iron pan!

It seems like there are so many of these cute towns around every local. Chicago, Boston, DC, Guadalajara, Rome… they all have a cute town, with cute shops and little restaurants.

Home Sweet Home. Heading back to Auckland.

It was a great day hanging out with Andrew. We had a great time! And I hope you have an opportunity to find a cute town near you soon too!