Independence Day Party, American Style

Well, to follow up on my last post, we did in fact, have an American Independence Day Party. We need to represent down here in the NZ.

What can two Americans do to show our foreign friends what it’s all about? Imitation!

Cupcakes & American Flags!

We held a BBQ, set the start time to 3pm. Like in the US, we figured it’d be an all day BBQ with friends. Only one of our friends got the memo, the others didn’t show up until 6 or 7 or so.  You know, the time most parties start on a Saturday.

America… American? Cheetos, Doritos, cornbread, Coke and Sprite. Beer. More beer. Burgers and all the fixings. Red velvet cupcakes and pigs in blankets (you know, little hot dogs, or cocktail wieners in croissants).  Decorations galore! Made in China, of course. The typical fare.

American munchies

Made in China

And, to top off an amazing evening, the best movie ever! Independence Day! Defeating aliens, a younger Will Smith and an epic presidential speech. How much more patriotic can you get? Yea!

Inflatable couch =D

All in all, it was a good time. And we even got to use our blow up couch! I think our friends got the idea of our celebrations, minus the fireworks of course. Lots of unhealthy food, excessive red, white and blue (most patrons dressed accordingly) and spending time with good friends, trying futilely to avoid discussing politics.