In the Meantime

So as I muddle through some work related things, I thought I’d write a quick check in. Still living, and working and eating in Auckland. Phoning home occasionally and sleeping in even less.

Bringing work home...About nine years ago, just shy of a decade, I went to flight camp. Yep, that’s right. I had saved all my money growing up and had a whopping $800 from Christmas and birthdays for seventeen years. And, as an impulsive 17 year old, I wanted to spend it all flying planes. You see, at the time I thought I might want to be a pilot. Despite my parents objections, I spent every last penny, and I mean I had JUST enough, on a week long flight camp at the University of North Dakota (UND). UND has a spectacular flight program, and I had a blast at camp. I met a friend there, who I really liked, but we didn’t keep in touch much. But, due to the wonder that is facebook, I found out she was going to be in Auckland last week. We were able to meet up for a couple of days, offer a couch and learn about her travels around Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and teaching in Korea. She is an air traffic controller, who is temporarily teaching English abroad while she is waiting to find a placement in the United States. It was great to catch up and see a familiar face.

We wanted to head to the zoo, but the ticket agent suggested we skip the visit. As it was raining, the animals would all be inside and away from prying eyes. After much ado, we went to the Auckland Museum. Loud as ever, since museum means playground for parents when it’s raining, we got to explore the Volcano and South Pacific exhibits, among a few others.  I always enjoy seeing skeletons of the Moa, a now extinct large flightless bird, native to New Zealand. It’s pretty fascinating, and a shame the Maori hunted it to extinction, but it also reminds me strongly of the bird Kevin, inthe movie Up. Awwww.

Friend and a Moa Kevin and the old guy from Up

Let’s see, what else is new? Sun showers are not new. A dozen times this winter Auckland was both sunny and rainy. Don’t believe me? This pictures was taken under a tree while it rained heavily. Yep. Really.

Sun Shower

Yummy fruits, Passion Fruit, Persimmons, Fioja and KiwiDragon FruitWe’ve been enjoying the local cuisines, eating some fruits that cost a lot less here then in the States and, last weekend, I grilled pizza. Yes indeed. Based on a riveting Father’s Day call with Andrew’s folks, we decided to give it a try and grill pizza on the BBQ. I used a pizza dough I’d been making for homemade calzones and put it on the grill. After a couple of minutes, I added the sauce, toppings and cheese and grilled the other side. Crazy!! But tasty. It must be grilling season back home as I got some great BBQ’ing tips from my dad on Sunday too.

Step 1, but dough on grill Step 2-4, Flip, Add toppings and BBQ Step 5 Enjoy

So anything else new. Yes. But until I’ve got things signed and sealed, you’ll just have to wait to find out what.