Pork Pie

I’d like to take a brief intermission in the play by play of our trip to discuss a phenomenally fantastic race that took place starting Easter Weekend. Unbeknownst to us, our trip happened to coincide with the Pork Pie Charity Run. A race from the northern tip of the north island to the southern tip of the south island following the route of a goof who stole a Mini and evaded police along the same route in “that iconic New Zealand Movie ‘Goodbye Porkpie'”, that we really should watch. While we didn’t come from all the way north, we happened to share the majority of the journey with 49 Mini’s who were driving to raise money for the Leukemia and Blood Cancer Society. To learn more about Leukemia and Blood Cancer and donate to the organization if you’d like, you can click here.

First glance of something peculiar in Wellington

While a glimpse here and there of a couple of Mini’s the first day didn’t have a huge significance for us, when we were driving from breakfast to the ferry in Wellington the second day of our journey we saw a bunch of Mini’s with flags and swag ahead of us. An odd site, I snapped a picture. By the time we were lining up for the ferry, our car stood amongst 49 Mini’s and our Honda felt like a behemoth!

Despite not driving in a Mini, we felt a bit competitive after seeing these friendly little cars. We dropped some of our parking change in a couple of donation buckets on the ferry… but then the race was on. They were planning on getting to Invercargill the day we were. But who would get there first?

The took over the ferry! Charity Logo So many Mini's!
These little buggers were EVERYWHERE! We saw one along the west coast and we tried…

We see a Mini

and tried…

We try to pass said Mini

and tried and finally left them in the dust.

See ya later Mini!

(Of course, that’s assuming I forget to mention that we ran into that same Mini gassing up in Wanaka, outside of Queenstown, several days later.)

Really, we saw him later...

We saw Mini’s at the glaciers, at the scenic vistas and at breakfast.

Now it's on!
And who really knows who came in first! (they did) But when we stayed in Invercargill, we saw many of the friendly Mini’s who made it all the way south!

Hiya from Invercargill!

Along the rest of our journey we saw a handful of Mini’s checking out the sites, like this one in the Catlins!

Checking out the view!
So it came as no surprise to Andrew that when I saw a Mini that “crashed” into a souvenior shop in Oamarau, I caught the final, bitter end of the mini saga.

Who's a better driver now?