Waitomo Caves and a sunset… finally

Going back further, this past Saturday Andrew, Nathan and I went on an adventure by every sense of the means. We went black water tubing through the Ruakuri caves.

The "Before" shot

Waitomo is about a two and a half hour drive from Auckland and sports some extensive caving networks filled to the brim with glowworms.

Fun facts about the glow worm:

-Their mouths do not work. Useless little things.

-National Geographic rated death by glowworm as one of the top 10 worst ways to die as an insect. (They suck your innards out.)

-Once they mature into a fly (after a 9 month period as a larvae) they find a mate in under a day and then copulate for up to 48 hours until the male dies of exhaustion.

-The larvae do not glow, but the energy produced from defecating does and attracts insects which they will then eat.

-Glowworm mom’s deposits fertilized eggs in groups of twenty. Lucky older siblings; when the first glowworm emerges from it’s egg sack, it proceeds to eat it’s siblings.

Dress to impress!Group Photo!

We donned some stylish outfits and then set off into a river to practice some skills before crawling into the caves and checking out the glowworms. Just before I set into the water for the first time a friendly eel welcomed me into their turf. I wasn’t all that scared to begin with, but I must say, I kept expecting to step on an eel or have one nip me in the butt before the day was out. Alas, we all made it out alive and thoroughly enjoyed the awesomeness.

Look at all those hotties!

Nathan's Jump Test My Jump Test Andrew's Jump Test

Ready to Go See you on the other side!

Andrew's best caving face Too excited to put on a caving face! Nathan's best caving face

Leaving the world behind! One last photo for the road! Andrew at the cave's end.

After the caving adventure we drove on back to Port Waikato for the third time. We dipped by Weathertop to show Nathan, and then picked up some fish and chips while waiting for the sun to set. And this time, the clouds were no where to be found!

Check out that sunset Beautiful beach Love the waves crashing on the rock!

Andrew and I enjoying the sunset, finally! The boy's had fun too! Huzzah!

Just a wonderful beach!

Check out that moon!

Beautiful sunset!