Live More Awesome

So to catch me up for the past week I’m going to detail our adventures in reverse order. Just for fun.

On Sunday, Andrew, Nathan and I ventured to a family farm in Helensville. Fun times? This family owned a farm with a bunch of big hilly fields, so what’s a fellow to do? Build the World’s Longest Waterslide. Of course!

Hills... with water slidesLive More Awesome is a group that was founded by a couple of individuals who have suffered from depression. Depression is a very serious mental illness that some studies estimate one in four American’s suffer from throughout their life. Live More Awesome was founded with the belief that if they continued to strive to live better and live more awesome, that they could minimize the impact and occurrence of depression. Live More Awesome was started in Auckland and has spread to a handful of satellite communities and on-line to inspire people to get together and do awesome things. To find out more about Live More Awesome, you can check out their website: Live More Awesome.

My first run on the Granny Slide
Nathan's go on the World's Longest SlideAlright, so what was the World’s Longest Waterslide? It was 650m of terrifying madness. That’s almost the length of two Sky Tower’s laid down from end to end! There were three slides, a Granny slide (80m), a 90m slide with a jump and the longest slide. Nathan, Andrew and I all got sufficiently muddy as the slides were pretty, uh, rudimentary? Think, dig a trench, lay down plastic, add water. Er, well, that’s exactly what they did! Fortunately, cuts, scrapes and sore muscles heal. So does the sun burn. Ouch. The slides were pretty awesome. Most of us nearly reached the 300m mark on the longest slide before we lost momentum; that’s more than two rugby fields! The slide was a little flat around the 250m mark and to go fast enough to go further would have been a tad bit too dangerous. And by tad I mean seriously! A 300 meter water slide is plenty long for me!

Relaxing on the Granny Slide My first finish on the Granny Slide Nathan's landing

Taking Safety Seriously, a lifeguard

My go on the World's Longest Waterslide Nathan on the Jump Slide  Andrew's turn on the Jump Slide

Coopers Creek Winery and ChessBefore we got all mud coated, we did stop at Coopers Creek winery to sip some local wines. Helensville is right near Kumeu where there are a bunch of vineyards not more than 25 minutes from our home. And I’m glad we found the spot! Coopers Creek was a lovely winery and they have live jazz every Sunday evening through April so we’ll definitely have to go back and check it out. Coopers Creek is sold in the States so if you’re looking for a wine to try, keep an eye out for it.

Getting back to after the water slide, we were all a little (er, a lot) muddy, we needed to rinse off. To the ocean! We swung by Piha but ultimately stopped by Karekare beach, one of the black sand beaches I wrote about in my West Coast post. Nathan did a bit of body surfing before we climbed back in the car, picked up some propane for the grill (or BBQ as they say in NZ) and drove home. Andrew, who had a bit of whiplash from the slides earlier in the day wasn’t up for driving so I got to wind in and out of the Waitakare Ranges Regional Parkland roads. And I learned a valuable lesson, the gas gauge is not reliable when going up and down steep hills. Due to my impeccable timing at checking the gas gauge, I did learn that the car still goes when the bar hits E for empty. Good to know, but I think I’ll be sure to keep the tank at half full from now on since a quarter tank of gas means something very different when we’re going uphill.

When we returned home, to top off a spectacular day, Andrew made lamb chops and corn on the BBQ. We enjoyed a few beers while taking in the firework show from the view from our balcony as Auckland celebrated the Chinese Lantern festival.

All in all it was an awesome day!