Challenge Complete

Running!Deep breath! All done! I must say, Joe Friel’s book prepared me well. The race I did was clearly above my level. I was one of two without a tri-suit and a wetsuit and the only one on a mountain bike. But none of that matters, as I accomplished my goal. I finished! I swam, road and ran this afternoon without stopping and, as an added bonus, I didn’t even come in last =D

Before the race started I meandered around the start and attempted to mingle with some of the other woman. I overheard one woman saying this was her third race, and I though, hmm, that’s not too bad. But then she followed up and said “this season”. The

Just about there!

other women, albeit more intense and in terms of gear, more prepared, were fairly nice. There were a few feet kicks and shoulder bumps in the water, but otherwise it was a fairly decent bunch of other athletes. As my mountain bike didn’t go nearly as fast as their speedy bikes, I pretty much had a chance to focus on going hard and get into my own cadence, which felt nice. In fact, I think I reserved more energy than I needed as I was afraid to wear myself out too soon.

My times are not up on-line yet, and Andrew and our friend, Nathan, and I are heading up north for another adventure tomorrow, but I wanted to drop a short post. Yesterday we went to Cathedral Cove and the Hot Water Beach and I’m sure you’ll be able to read all about it when I get some free time next week. But I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging and I wanted to share my achievement. I finished! I did it!