Life update time.

View from apartmentView from apartment at nightLast week Andrew and I moved out of our 14th floor shoebox and into a real live apartment. The apartment is in the Saint Mary’s Bay neighborhood, halfway between downtown and all the great things going on there, and Ponsonby, the neighborhood I really want to live in with all its cute cafes, shops and ambiance. It’s the perfect location, with a large balcony overlooking Victoria Park and downtown Auckland and it’s furnished with full size appliances. The catch? It’s a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-carpark furnished place. Of course we can’t afford it on our own! We have been so very lucky to find two people who seem not just normal, but super nice and Andrew and I get along with very well so far. Let me introduce our new roommates, the Kiwi and the Canadian.

We finally got internet hooked up today but we’d been dark for over a week! Now we even have a landline phone, it’s like the 1990’s all over again 😉

Anyways, I haven’t written much not just because we haven’t had internet, but also because I’ve been working. I had last weekend off though, so woo-hoo! And more exciting, I have an interview in a few weeks for the most perfect job for me. I am so crazy excited about this job opening and I really, really want this job as I feel like I can totally kick ass at it! All I can do is wait and research the company. And wait. And wait! Keep your fingers crossed for me! The prospect of having weekends off, and using analytical skills and applying my work and school experience to the benefit of others! Oh, and you know, that little thing called a work visa!!

In other news, my triathlon training is going fairly well. I missed several workouts throughout the move, as my feet were so sore from standing all day then moving our belongings up and down two large hills. But this past week was a rest and rejuvenation week, which means missing a few workouts is okay as long as I feel I need it. And I do. Countdown to triathlon… 9 days to go!! AHHHH! Though to be fair, I still can’t believe I’m doing it, so I’m not as scared as I should be.

Top Gun at Silo CinemaHappy Birthday HuyLet’s see, nothing terribly specific to Auckland but we caught a viewing of Top Gun at an outdoor screen near the Viaduct Harbor and celebrated a friends birthday. (That’s right, I didn’t catch a photo of all the kids party hats we were wearing, but when the boys started throwing paper airplanes out the window…) We even found a great new place to grab dinner, Elliot Stables is an enclave of various restaurants with cafeteria style seating. We loved the sausage from the German sausage place and then enjoyed some fantastic Chocolate Soup for dessert.Chocolate Soup Can’t wait to try more of the selections offered! So that catches me up for the past couple of weeks, so I’ll leave you with some Kiwi observations:

  1. Kiwi text-speak is awful. Young and old use terrible text slang. For the record, do not use “cum” as a replacement for “come,” when texting me. I find that rude.
  2. Kiwi are rude. Whoever said Americans are rude has never spent any time in New Zealand. (Though, I’m not letting Americans off the hook either, we’re rude too.)
    1. They do not and will not hold a door open for you. Ever.
    2. They do not and will not hold an elevator for you. Ever.
    3. When two people find themselves walking towards each other on the sidewalk, no one moves out of the way. It’s like a game of ‘chicken’ that I always lose.
    4. Texting is the preferred mode of communication. While understandable since minutes are much more expensive, if you ever call anyone they often will pick up the phone and tell you to text them or e-mail them. This applies even when you’re calling the phone company to set up internet and a phone line.
    5. Walking and texting is a skill that very few Aucklanders have mastered, yet they continue to practice it.
  3. Kiwi are also very open and friendly. Need to borrow anything? ANYthing, just ask. (Just don’t ask them to hold the door for you.)
  4. Kiwi in general are pretty fit. Now that could just be my own observations, but on the whole the parks are filled with runners and bikers more so than any city I’ve lived in thus far (Chicago, Boston, Guadalajara and Washington D.C.) Oh, and there are gyms everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
  5. Kiwi are not very competitive. For instance, in real estate, agents don’t seem to make much of an effort to sell a place. I’m guessing that they don’t get paid on commission since the phrase “it’s really small” was a common utterance in our apartment search by many agents and many units weren’t even very tidy.
  6. Kiwi say ‘cheers’ all the time. ALL THE TIME!