Monthly Archive: February, 2013

Live More Awesome

So to catch me up for the past week I’m going to detail our adventures in reverse order. Just for fun. On Sunday, Andrew, Nathan and I ventured to a family farm in… Continue reading

Challenge Complete

Deep breath! All done! I must say, Joe Friel’s book prepared me well. The race I did was clearly above my level. I was one of two without a tri-suit and a wetsuit… Continue reading

My First Car

So unlike most of my peers, and as a city-girl, I have never owned a car in my life. One summer I borrowed my dad’s car to commute to and from work and… Continue reading

Life update time.

Last week Andrew and I moved out of our 14th floor shoebox and into a real live apartment. The apartment is in the Saint Mary’s Bay neighborhood, halfway between downtown and all the… Continue reading