Planning a weekend trip

As someone who loves to travel, I also love to plan trips. Yup, that’s me checking airfare in my free time. I have next weekend off and since I’ve got a bit of income with the new job, the planning has commenced.

We’ve got a bit of camping gear  but we still need to pick up a few things (Andrew still doesn’t have a sleeping bag), we’re scouting out the best places to go and seeking any friends who may be interested in joining us, but we’re almost there! One more week to go! The anticipation is killing me! =D

My Dear Kates arrived, Christmas gift to myselfIn the meantime, Andrew and I are just enjoying Auckland and working hard. We checked out a fish joint near the Auckland Fish Market, but sadly report back that while it was good, it was nothing to write home about, despite the fact that I am, indirectly, writing home about it. I scoped out a couple of other seafood shacks on my bike rides along the shore that we will check into and let you know if we find any winners. You know, for when you make it to Auckland =D

In regards to my triathlon training, this weekend I completed my first training day with a bike, run and swim portion. Andrew and I even made it over to Takapuna Beach where I will be competing. I saw a hill. On the path. Oh dear. But I’m more confident knowing what I’ve gotten myself into. Just over a month to go on that one. The open water isn’t as scary as I thought, but I did learn that contact lenses and salt water don’t mesh. I’ve only got a few more pairs of contacts left, so I’ve got to take better care of them. I also got some funny looking athlete food chews from Andrew’s folks for Christmas. I’m excited, though a bit terrified to try them. Fortunately, they came with a recommendation so that helps a bit. I’ll probably dig in once I’ve reached over an hour of training. Today I hit the hour mark with the bike and run, I guess I must be getting in better shape!

SkyTower_LavaLampColor1  SkyTower_LavaLampColor2  SkyTower_LavaLampColor3

Cool photo, in front of bar art piece at Sale St.Happy New Year!I’ve also received heaps of Christmas cards yesterday and today. So thank you to all who sent them! And again, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I also hope this year brings with it many happy memories. The mail kind of stopped for about two weeks there. I guess even the postal workers in Auckland get a proper summer holiday. But it’s nice to receive letters from the States, and it’s a good feeling to know that our friends and family miss us, though if only they knew how much more we missed them. We had a splendid New Years. We stopped by a local bar and had a drink and dinner then went to our favorite ice cream place for dessert. We ended up ringing in the New Year in our apartment playing a few card games, sipping Champagne and watching the fireworks from our couch. Not a bad view…

Fireworks from our couch Strange to see the lights coming from the building Stunning fireworks from the Skytower

Well, that about brings my life story up to date. Er. Have a good one.

Good Night 2012