Sore feet are for losers

Work Gang at the Kathmandu Christmas Party, A bunch of charactersWow, it’s been three years since I’ve worked retail and boy, are my feet sore from standing all day! I’m enjoying my new job, as much as can be expected for a retail gig. My co-workers are pretty friendly and the clientele are generally very nice too. I’m up to speed with just about all store policies and procedures and it’s just down to learning about the individual products. We had a Christmas party for the store and it was great to get to know my co-workers better. A handful of young kiwi’s, an Australian, Scotsman and Irishman.

My biggest complaint is that it’s hard to do my run training while working. My feet are so sore from standing for eight hours straight that I’ve missed two runs now due to work. My swimming is improving and I swam my first 400m straight, albeit at a slow pace. Biking, oh well, I’m buying a new bike. My butt is so sore and the cheap junior bike is just not cutting it. I still can’t spend as much as I “should” on a good bike, but I think I’m going to drop my first paycheck into something that wont hurt me in the long run. I can “bike” for the necessary time, but I don’t get anywhere in that time. I also feel like I’m always “on” when I’m biking. I never have a comfortable coast and I’ve yet to find a gear that is comfortable to peddle in. I went to one shop this past Monday and the cheapest new bike would run me $700 on sale! That’s just too much. Maybe I’ll find something good used? Now I know why most people don’t do triathlons… they are so expensive! There is the registration then there is the bike, not to get into equipment and clothes, like a helmet, good shoes, decent swim gear (goggles, suit and swim cap). I have a swimsuit, but by that I mean it looks nice, and it suffices for my training, but I’m sure I’d be laughed at if I competed in a suit with ample frills and a loose halter.

October Jumpers on Andrew and his co-worker KerrieBut enough about that, the reason I wanted to write was to share some good news! Our Ultimate Frisbee Team technically came in dead last. Yup. But we all had a blast, we all improved, most of us are game on for the next season and… we won Best Team Spirit! Woo-hoo! We are all a bunch of winners =D We even won jelly beans in a Santa-Tree. Huzzah! I’m sad our first season is over, but I’m confident that the next season will only get better. Go Catchers in the Rye!

Frisbee Team Spirit Winners!

This Christmas Eve Andrew and I are both off of work so we’re thinking of heading to the beach if it doesn’t rain and hitting up some yummy ramen across town. And in the holiday spirit and in honor of my brother, Russell, and his birthday I’ll leave you with the story of how Russell the sheep saved Christmas: Russell’s Christmas Magic

Russell's Christmas Magic