Feel Good

As anyone who has been job hunting knows, it can get a bit depressing. So what are some good ways to lift your spirits?

One: Read a good book. I just finished Ready Player One by Ernst Cline. It was a fun read about classic video-games and ’80’s music and movies. Being a huge fan of the old games and growing in the ’80’s and ’90’s,  I really enjoyed it. To any gamer or ’80’s fan or geek in general, I highly recommend it. The writing wasn’t great, but once I got into it, the story was a blast. It was like reading through a video-game. Fun times.

Two: Donate Blood. Help three people. Save a life. It’s easy, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t take long at all and you’ll feel great! They had a donation site at the mall the other day. I had wandered over to check out a mid-day Strawberry festival that was quite a disappointment (they sold strawberry sundae’s for a Hospice Group fundraiser, that was it…) but I ended up feeling better about doing something meaningful anyways. Whether you’re in  New Zealand, the United States or elsewhere, if you have some time, check out your local blood bank.

Three: Have friends over. This is my favorite one. My good friend Kathy from college is visiting us tomorrow morning with her partner Jed!! Kathy actually studied abroad here at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) for a semester several years ago when she was studying film at Boston University, so she’s already pretty familiar with the area. We’re picking her up bright and early and then heading to the west coast to check out some beaches and scenic views. She’s in town for the weekend before she and Jed head to the south island, so they’ll be lots of catching up to do!

If you’re feeling down, I hope you will find something to lift up your spirits too! Especially to all of my readers in the states, the dreary winter weather can take a toll, so perk up, find something you enjoy and put a smile on!