Your First Triathlon

One of my very good friends, Carrie, ran a triathlon this past August. (Woo-hoo!) Carrie and I became friends in middle school, and even though I moved away after my freshman year in high school, we’ve maintained our friendship. She and I just kind of click, it could be moments or months but we always have something to talk about. So, as she trained for her triathlon, I did my best to support her via small care packages, text messages and commenting on her blog. When I moved to Auckland I thought it might be a nice change of pace to train for a run or a tri, but then came the hills. Auckland is by far the hilliest place I’ve ever been! Other than hiking in the white mountains, maybe. Thus came the excuses.

While half-heartedly claiming I’d love to train to my friend Carrie I accidentally let slip that my apartment building has a pool and a gym. Well, next thing you know it, my awesome friend has sent me ‘Your First Triathlon’ by Joe Friel and then I did something stupid (or awesome, not sure yet). I signed up for the Takapuna Beach Contact Trophy Super Sprint, a 500 m swim, a 16k bike and 4.2k run. Granted, I didn’t sign up for an Iron Man, for me this is huge! I thought I’d share and let you know that when I’m not writing blog posts or job hunting, I’m probably trying to kick myself into high gear and get into shape. Three years of a desk job and then trying to juggle work and school, I’ve become a bit sluggish in my not so old age.

Needless to say, I’ve found the pool. It’s a bit unkempt  but I put on my goggles and swim cap and swam a few laps just to realize my time might be better spent on youtube learning how to swim freestyle! I had already started running as I do off and on so I’m pretty comfortable that I can get up to speed if I stay motivated. And lastly, I need a bike.

So there you have it folks! Accountability, I told all my blog followers! On February 17th, I’ll be at the beach.