The Shire & Weathertop

!For Lord of the Rings Fans only!

Well, you’ve been warned.

Our first stop on our trip was to Hobbiton. Located in Matamata, New Zealand, Peter Jackson located the perfect rolling green hills to use for Hobbiton, he found the best spot for Bag End, the party tree and built the set for “The Lord of the Rings” Movie. More recently, he returned and built even more hobbit holes for the filming of “The Hobbit” as well as built up the Mill and a bridge to the pub, stable and market. Mr. Jackson sure paid a lot of attention to detail. He built far more hobbit holes than you’ll actually see in either movie (though, I haven’t seen “The Hobbit” so I cannot confirm this.)

Please enjoy some photos that Andrew and I took to share with you. We were not allowed to open the doors, as the hobbits might be home. 😉











So you made it this far, you must really be a LotR fan. Well, so are Andrew and I. When our plans fell through on Monday because of the rain, we headed towards Port Waikato and Sunset beach where it is rumored the most beautiful sunsets in the country are. It’s a gorgeous black sand beach and it’s where the largest river in the country, Waikato, merges with the Tasman sea. Our draw? Weathertop. About 15  kilometers south of the port is the farm where the landmark was filmed. What we didn’t know was that the road was perilous and that after about 7 or 8 kilometers, the road becomes unpaved. We were winding through at about 15-20km/hr and intentionally not looking down the side of the mountains. And we were rewarded with a stunning view, despite the clouds, of Weathertop.