A big Romney Fan

That’s right folks, I’m a really big Romney fan. I’m talking about the Romney sheep, of course. As I mentioned before, Andrew and I kicked off our adventure this weekend by stopping in Hobbiton. Hobbiton was filmed on land that was and still is a sheep farm. As such, we had the opportunity to check out the local Romney Sheep at the Alexander farm before we stopped by Bilbo Baggins house. On our way to Hobbiton, we saw lots of sheep.

I’m talking about some serious amounts of sheep folks.

And I learned that one of the most popular sheep for meat is the Romney sheep. And my is it a tasty sheep. But it is also cute.

They also shear this sheep for wool. You can unfortunately pull the wool over Romney’s sheep’s eyes.

Andrew and I showed up right around the time a woman was feeding the little lambs and she invited me to join her.


Not long after that someone brought out a bucket of big Romney Sheep food and all the sheep lined up at the fence to eat. Andrew helped to feed the sheep what they wanted to eat. They ate it all up!


And, for your entertainment, a couple more Romney Sheep:

We also stopped in the sheep shearing capitol of the world, Te Kuiti:

But at the end of the day, Romney is best served braised.