One Month

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in New Zealand for a month! This also means I only have another 11 months that I can stay here unless I get a real job!

This week was probably the first week that I’ve felt ‘settled’ here in Auckland. And today I finally bought a can opener, so it definitely feels more like home. I’ve come to accept many of the differences of living in Auckland as well as the new apartment. I can make it from the bathroom to bed with the lights out and I have begun to make some headway in the job search. Andrew also seems to be getting the hang of his job. His load is a bit light to start, but he is doing well with what he’s been given so far. He’s also bragged about what a good shot he is during the intra-office Nerf Wars.

Andrew and I signed up for an Ultimate Frisbee team through his company. I wasn’t able to go to the game last week because of a networking event, and there is another networking event again this Thursday so I’ll probably miss it again. It’s hard to pass up an opportunity to meet people and potential employers. I think I’m getting better at dividing up my time between relaxing, reading and job hunting. I even started running a bit, but it’s too hilly for me to commit to anything more serious just yet. (Also, the World Triathlon Grand Final is this weekend and all these super fit people are sort of intimidating.)

There are so many great cafés in the area that Andrew and I have only begun to try. We try not to eat out much, but the prices at cafés are pretty inexpensive and many of  the groceries we are accustom to using are quite expensive. Grabbing a sandwich or meat pie for $3 to 4 bucks is a pretty good deal for lunch in most places. One of my favorite places so far has been Tanuki sushi. Recommended to us by Andrew’s friend, the food is just wonderful! Super fresh, and you can eat in the upstairs dining room very modern Japanese, or downstairs where they have a sake bar with a whole menu of things on a stick. Yup, even rice balls are on a stick and there are dumplings, meat balls, things battered and fried as well as veggies. Definitely the strangest ‘tapas’ I’ve ever had!

I recently purchased the Lonely Planet guide book for New Zealand to help plan our adventure this weekend, and have been looking into checking out the recommended local spots in Auckland too. I used Frommer’s guide when I backpacked through Mexico and am really fond of good guidebooks. The Lonely Planet guide had some great reviews and, in my opinion, the best style for New Zealand with the types of activities and destinations I was looking for. Andrew and I will find out if we really want to bank on their suggestions this weekend on our first big adventure to Rotorua!

Sorry this post is all over the place but so much to do! So little time!