The Apartment and Homework

So, I decided to name this post “The Apartment” because 1) I’ll post pictures, and 2) that’s where I’ve been spending all my time this week because I’ve come down with this crummy cold and am determined to feel better in time for an adventure this weekend.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted as I’d hoped I’d have more to say by now. Trying to stay warm and inside, I’ve been spending most of my time looking for jobs and reading and relaxing.  I’ve been talking with a handful of folks about jobs in New Zealand. Nothing looks too promising yet, but there are a few solid leads. I have to say I  am so grateful for LinkedIn. It’s great to be able to see who is out there and make connections. Even if I don’t get a job from my connections, it’s great to be able to ask questions and get to know the market better.

I’ve been doing a lot of lounging around trying to recover from this cold. It’s not really that cold outside, but it’s a bit chilly (high 50’s and 60’s) and there is no air or heat inside. None. When you’re under the weather it feels colder and there isn’t much besides curling under some blankets to warm up. The weather on any given day is a spattering of pouring rain mixed in with some gorgeous sunshine. If I wasn’t originality from Chicago, I’d be completely thrown.

One of the things I’m most surprised about is how lonely I am. Now, this isn’t some pity fest, but an observation on how much I really miss having friends, or a job where I socialize with people. I mean, I talk to the barista at the coffee shop and I might chat briefly with someone on the street, but it’s very different then the conversations you have with friends or people who know you. Now, I’ve heard wonderful things about how friendly New Zealanders are, but I haven’t met many, to be honest. Auckland is such a hodgepodge of international cultures, I’ve heard more Indian, Chinese,  Turkish and Irish accents than I’ve heard the Kiwi accent. Have I mentioned what great friends I do have? I mean, I’ve been chatting with many of my friends on gchat, and skyped family back home, so it’s not like I’m isolated. I mean, with facebook these days, how can I really be left out of the loop? I was able to yell at youtube when Andrew and I watched the first presidential debate just like the next guy. But during the day it’s mostly just me. Andrew has a job, and he’s meeting new people and socializing all day. I do not understand how other women are content to be house wives. More power to you ladies, I need a career to keep me sane!

When I finished wallowing, I took my good friend Katie’s advice and logged onto and signed up for two courses. I’m taking Organizational Analysis and Introduction to Operations Management. They’re free, two month long courses taught by well known professors at top universities. Other than some slow internet issues on my end, I’m enjoying the sense of purpose that comes with taking classes, and hopefully learning something that will help me excel at the next job I land. I’ve got homework due this time tomorrow, so it puts a little bit of urgency back into my day too. It’s hard to set solid timelines when job hunting, otherwise I’d get discouraged if I didn’t meet my own unrealistic expectations. Of course I’m still actively looking for employment, following up with leads and applying for positions that look promising.

So, as promised, some views from our apartment, along with a nice picture of the SkyTower from our balcony when we had nearly a full moon this past weekend.

Also, this might be a little out of place, but I wanted to acknowledge all of the hard work my good friend Carrie has been doing. My friend Carrie started a blog several months ago to track her progress as she trained for a triathlon. It was her writings that inspired me to start a blog when I moved. She completed a triathlon in August and has continued to write about her journey to get fit and healthy. I wanted to send a shout out to her! Her writing style is far better and wittier than mine, so if you’ve got a bit of time, head on over to