First Impressions

City life… so it’s been three days, and to tell you the truth, Auckland is just like any other city. The people speak with delightful accents and drive on the other side of the road, but you’ve got the same general feel of all cities… like Chicago or Boston or DC. Everything is just a bit off. Over the past three days Andrew and I have bought cell phones, signed a lease (trust me, you cannot wait to see the views from our apartment!) and opened bank accounts. We’ve had some great food and are pretty good about finding our way around the downtown area. Basically, we’ve been busy.

Yesterday we stopped by Andrew’s new office. He starts next Monday but Andrew’s friend Katie gave us a tour of the studio. The entrance to the studio is behind a fake wall (yep, seriously) and there is a badminton court in the middle of the studio, and the place looks pretty awesome. The people seemed really awesome too, the ones we met, so hopefully Andrew will make some friends there. People who like animated films are usually pretty fun in my experience.

Andrew’s friends Katie and Kyle picked us up from the airport on Monday morning and we took them to dinner last night as a thank you. They’ve been offering a lot of invaluable advice and helping us find the nearest grocery stores and other tips and tricks to getting around the city. Every time we get in a car, to find apartments or heading back from dinner, I have these tiny panic attacks when I forget momentarily that they drive on the other side of the road. Yesterday I saw an eight year old in the passenger seat and flipped out for a moment before I realized his dad, on the right side of the car was really driving, not the child. Andrew looked the wrong way before we crossed the road on Monday, fortunately there were no cars on that road, but he has been great at looking right first from now on; I’m still getting the hang of it.

Sorry there are no pictures with this post, there was a lovely rainbow the first day we got here, but you can’t really see it in the photograph. I’ve been a bit groggy and the impulse to pick up my camera has been diminished… but there are lots of things I want to show you guys… just wait for it!

The YMCA we are staying at currently is very nice. We are here until next weekend, but we have a double bed and a twin and the rooms are very spacious. The shared showers are only tolerable since the nightly rate is so affordable. Our new apartment is a two-bedroom, so we will be ready and willing for company come next week! We already know a place that has the best lamb burgers (Andrew’s favorite burger ever) and there are so many Asian restaurants we are just itching to try. I think we’re doing Korean BBQ tonight. I’m going to get back to a new book I’ve been reading, “Room,” and put my feet up. This is one hilly city and I’m not used to this much exercise!