Leaving on a Jet Plane, Don’t Know When I’ll be Back Again…

Made it!

Welcome to New Zealand!

After more than 17 hours in the air, over six hours in the LAX airport and passing over one international date time line, Andrew and I are in New Zealand. On the first flight, we learned that Andrew’s new computer is not configured for dvd’s so the movies we bought (The Lord of the Rings) we could not watch. We also had an unfortunate choking incident, which left me worried for one of our passengers, who fortunately recovered and the flight did not have to do an emergency landing! Scary! We met a lovely lady on our flight to LA who was pursuing her own dream of being a wine sommelier and yoga instructor. She started a blog last week and if anyone is a wine or yoga fanatic, feel free to check out winedrinkingyogi.com.

   Somewhere over Arizona or Nevada     Air New Zealand!  

In LAX, limited by our food options, we devoured our last American hamburgers and seasonal pumpkin spice latte. We fielded many fond farewell calls and then waited… and waited for the flight to board. Fortunately, the flight itself was made all the more bearable and positively enjoyable at times by a wonderful gesture by some friends of ours. I could tell you about it, but how about this instead, they asked us to take this drawstring bag with us and ….

This post brought to you by TD Bank… 😉

Note: Sorry for the delay – camera died and had to re-charge. More to come on first impressions – after I get some sleeeeeeeeep!