This is it!

We’re on our way! Bags checked, security cleared…

All our life's belongings...

There is so much I want to write about these past few days, but all I can think is… WE’RE MOVING TO NEW ZEALAND!

We stopped in Pennsauken, NJ on our way north and I tried my first authentic Philadelphia cheese steak. We stayed with Andrew’s aunt and uncle for the night and enjoyed their company and the opportunity to catch up. I met my sister’s boyfriend in Philly that night too (thumbs up 🙂  ) and  dropped off some things for him to pass along. I already had her Christmas present, so it was nice to be able to pass that along. My sister lives in Florida and just started a new job there, so she’s also starting her own new adventure.

I sent a care package to my brother who started college this month! So excited for him, college was such a great experience and I hope he has a good time there. He sounds like he is doing well, and I’m really happy that my siblings are doing well. It’s much easier to leave knowing they’re doing great things too and with technology these days, I’m sure keeping in touch wont be as challenging as it may have been in years past.

We had the fortune to see some of Andrew’s other family, his parents and more friends in New Hampshire. Andrew’s parents threw us a wonderful send off party. They were crucial to making this trip such a success and we cannot thank them enough for being so supportive and taking so much of our stuff and helping us out in numerous other ways. I spent much of my time the past couple of days on the phone with my parents, siblings and friends saying so long for now. Moving around the world is so much easier with the support of our friends and family, so thanks guys!!

Jim, Andrew's dog.

But let’s get back to the present. Andrew and I are sitting in the airport (yes, crying baby and all), our farewell party has left and our flight doesn’t leave for another two hours so we’re going to relax a bit, maybe re-organize our things and try to contain our excitement!

Farewell U.S.A. We’re going to miss you!