9 More Days!

We’re leaving for New Zealand in nine days! We’re spending as much time with our friends as possible before we leave, or more accurately, reveling in our friends culinary skills! Now that we’re down to our last few kitchen items, our friends have graciously been inviting us to dinner. Thank you guys!!

I have just been amazed at how wonderful our friends have been with our decision to move. Many of our friends have agreed to hang onto some of our things and everyone has had kind and encouraging words. This is such a big move and a big change for Andrew and me, so it’s comforting to know our friends are happy for us. I’m going to miss our friends a lot. One of my biggest worries is making new friends. I’m not worried about making friends, really, but making good friends. Friends who we really get along with, enjoy doing the same things with and have the same values and can talk about anything with.

We’ve got friends from Andrew’s hometown in this weekend, and went golfing on Monday at TopGolf. TopGolf is a driving range with electronic sensors which keep track of your balls. Trying to meet up with many of our friends before we leave, and still packing! So much packing!