Before Firsts

I can tell the move is coming up by the big pile of stuff littering the floors of our apartment. We just sold both our bookshelves, we’ve sold our cabinet, kitchen storage unit, and our lamps (the first to go so it’s been a couple of dark night) and brought the kitchen table and coffee table to Andrew’s folks place. It’s cleansing to get rid of our stuff, and getting rid of the furniture is helping us to get rid of the small stuff.

Other than getting rid of stuff, I’m also wrapping up work. Last week I had my last business trip. I was working on two of the T-AKE ships doing the stuff that I do. It was a productive week, but it was a bit sad to leave. There are things I love about my job, and things I hate about it, but I’ve really grown fond of the T-AKE. I’m going to miss the people I work with, some really phenomenal folks.


In an effort to get away from packing and wrapping things up, I convinced Andrew to take me on a first. I’m not a very emotional person, but all of the “lasts” are starting to take a bit of a toll. We decided to venture on this unique American phenomena. We went to a beer drive-through! Yes! You read that right, a beer drive-through.

Beer drive Thru
I kind of wanted to go for a while, since it’s just around the corner from where we live, but it was always such a silly thing. Finally, I decided I wanted to partake in such an absurd invention and we got a six pack of Killian’s from the beer drive-through.

Beer Drive thru

It was kind of exciting to try something new. Looking forward to lots more of new to come!

We’ve got our visas, our plane tickets and gave our notice at work. Only 20 days left!