Mini Road Trip

This past weekend Andrew’s high school buddy tied the knot in New Hampshire. Andrew and I drove up to New Hampshire, stopping near Philly to catch up with his uncle and some friends as well as a brief stop in Providence for some tequila with a good friend. Near Philly we met up at Andrew’s favorite sushi place! Yum!

My friend in Providence and I studied in Mexico together, so we aptly met up at a Tequila bar, Lola’s, on the waterfront. Cute joint, and they had live bluegrass music Thursday night. My friend is a super successful entrepreneur and I love catching up with her business adventures. It’s a totally different lifestyle and stress than I experience with a 9-5 job. Some of my friends are in doctoral programs, and I always love learning about the different lessons and experiences my friends in diverse paths take. If you’re a woman, or a man who has a woman in his life, you should check out her awesome products at and

The wedding was beautiful, it’s great to see two lovebirds tie the knot! Catching up with Andrew’s folks, baking party favors and visiting friends back home all contributed to a successful weekend.

Can we start counting down yet? We’re leaving in 25 days! I gave my notice at work, we’re packing things slowly and tying up loose ends. I’m closer to buying mandatory insurance, have no idea what to do about the phone situation and handed off most of my kitchen appliances.