Old Rag, that’s an unfortunate name

Long time no write…

Last weekend Andrew and I hiked up Old Rag mountain. It’s a pretty solid hike. The mountain is located in the Shenandoah valley in Virginia and it’s a pretty steep hike up about three quarters of the way followed by a lot of rock scrambling with some great landscape views the rest of the way.  I’d been wanting to hike up for several years and now that we’ve only got a few weeks left in the DC area decided it was now or never.

It was a great hike! I’ll post some pictures soon, but it was really fun. Many times we found ourselves on all fours, or I was using Andrew’s assistance for leverage where the rocks were so large I couldn’t clamor over a few spots on my own.

This weekend we’re doing a 180 – dressing up for a wedding. Andrew’s good friend is getting married, and we’re also visiting his folks in New Hampshire – another gorgeous state with some great hikes. I think I’ll focus on trying to survive the evening in heels rather than a hike in the White Mountains.

What would you rather be doing? Getting dolled up for a shindig or scuffed up on the trail?