Washington D.C. with friends

Andrew and I spent the past several days showing our friends around Washington D.C. One of my favorite things to do in D.C. is the paddle boats at the tidal basin, near the Jefferson Memorial. Andrew and I paddled, and our friends took the back seat. It’s great to see the city while being physically active.

Most of my favorite things about D.C. revolve around food, so of course we hit up Gordon Biersch, a local brewery, Rocklands, great BBQ and Ben’s Chili Bowl, a local chili-hot dog establishment. Ben’s survived the 1968 riots and is one of Bill Cosby’s favorite restaurants. It’s located in an area of town, U Street, known for it’s night life and it’s open late, so it’s popular with folks after a night of dancing and drinking. Not that we got around to dancing or drinking – as I’ve had a stinking cough the past week. Doctor said it wasn’t contagious, but it’s still a pain!

Our tour of D.C did lead us to the Lincoln Memorial one night. While the Lincoln Memorial is a great place to visit, it’s charm is significantly improved by visiting at night. Unfortunately, the reflecting pool between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument is still under repair, hopefully it will be finished soon! For the past two years it’s been an eye soar with a big construction site in the middle of the mall.

Andrew and I stopped by at night visit

In other news, on Friday, before our weekend really got started, Andrew dropped off his working visa application at the New Zealand Embassy. It’s a pretty neat building and we’re hoping they are able to let us know in a couple of weeks when his application is approved so we can move forward and buy airfare. No matter how much we’re going to miss D.C., we really are so excited to move on to Auckland in September! One thing we did run into at the embassy was New Zealanders. A nice, older couple came in after Andrew and I and we spoke briefly while we were waiting to drop off our things. Despite their friendly demeanor, there was minimal understanding! They had the lovely New Zealand accent and spoke so fast, they might as well have been trying out for speed talking for the Olympics! This whole adventure might have just gotten far more interesting.