Adventures in Iceland

As avid foodies, our friends who recently returned from a honeymoon around Iceland brought back some great stories and culinary tricks from Iceland to share with us. This past evening they invited us to join them for some hot dogs, Icelandic style. Hot dogs are a culinary staple in Iceland, and unlike us Americans, they put the toppings underneath the the dog. Our gracious host kindly demonstrated the proper way to build an Icelandic hot dog:

In case you were wondering, Icelandic hot dogs are typically topped (bottomed?) with onions, fried onions, ketchup and remoulade ( a mayonnaise-based sauce). Surprisingly tasty, and definitely unlike any of the dogs I’ve had in the states before. Yum! I’m always up for a culinary adventure! Stateside or otherwise – thanks C + T! In addition to hot dogs, we tasted some spicy watermelon (watermelon soaked in Sriracha sauce), South Carolina BBQ and our contribution, asparagus bundles wrapped in bacon. Bacon makes everything better, as our host even prepared deviled eggs with bacon on top. And for dessert? Grilled peaches with a cream cheese sauce, grilled pineapple and some berries with Devonshire cream.

After dinner, Andrew picked up two of our friends from New Hampshire who are vacationing in DC with us. It’s nice to have an excuse to do some of the more touristy things occasionally. And since we’re leaving soon, it’s nice to enjoy the great sites our nations capitol has to offer while we can. More to come on that, as we head out to visit some monuments, memorials and museums today.

I’m definitely going to miss hanging out with our friends once we leave for NZ!