This past weekend I was fortunate to catch up with a few good friends, and also got some tramping practice in.
No, get your mind out of the gutter! Tramping is the New Zealand word for hiking.
I’ve always enjoyed hiking, but have fallen out of habit with work and school. With the move coming up in a couple of short months, Andrew and I have attempted to plan a little bit of hiking into our schedules. Since it was a rainy morning on Sunday, Andrew and I caught up with some good friends who recently returned from their honeymoon in  Mexico. Hearing some of their adventures reminded me of when I was studying in Mexico during undergrad. I had the fortunate opportunity to backpack around Mexico during Semana Santa (Spring Break / Easter Week / Holy Week).

Start of our adventure spring 2007Bus fare was half off for students, which didn’t hurt my sense of adventure either. I packed a bag and took off with three of my peers through the middle and south of Mexico. I am anticipating some epic trips in the south pacific and hope that I will make some memories to match those of my college years (or even better!)

Needless to say, this Sunday’s tramping outing was fairly short, but long enough to remind me that I really need to get in better shape. While I have been running in preparation for a 5K race, I haven’t been too serious about it since the race isn’t for another month. I guess I better pick up the pace!

Hiking around DC is pretty nice, many of the paths I’ve taken run along rocky rivers, most notably the Potomac River. On Sunday Andrew and I joined two of our friends at the Great Falls Park for a couple of paths on the Virginia side of the Potomac. It was quite humid out, but much cooler than it’s been in DC, hitting a high of around 83 degrees F (28 C), so it was bearable. This was our first trip on the Virginia side, as we’re quite fond of the Billy Goat Trail on the Maryland side of the river. We took the River Trail out a ways, which was a beautiful path along rocks next to the water. It was a bit hilly, but nothing too arduous, especially since the area was shaded. On the way back, we meandered through some horse and carriage paths. A nice break since the sun was out at this point and the humidity was starting to feel a tad suffocating.

I cannot wait for the New Zealand weather! I wonder if the humidity is a big problem there. I suppose, even if it is, with seasonal high of 70ish (21), it can’t be that bad, right?