Selling Ourselves

How did we ever accumulate so much stuff? Now that we’re leaving in a couple of months, we’re trying to sell as many of our things as we can. Some things are easy to get rid of, like the desk that was broken when we got it. But other things, like our TV… it’s hard to get rid of. Now, I know what you’re thinking, so materialistic! When Andrew and I first moved in  together three years ago, we were both working full time and had a little discretionary fund. We spent a long time trying to decide what our first big purchase together would be. I didn’t like our little TV at the time, and Andrew, being a gamer, was excited about the possibility of getting a bigger TV. We went 50/50 and got a nice 47″ Vizio LED TV. For the past three years, we’ve spent countless hours watching movies and playing games on that TV.

After we bought that TV, Andrew decided to go back to school to get a postgraduate certificate in Character Animation at Animation Mentor. It was this schooling that helped to land him the job he got in Auckland. Shortly after he started school, I also went back to school to get my Masters in Systems Engineering from George Washington University. I’m hoping this degree will help me earn a job in Auckland. Since we were both in school, we spent most of our money on books and courses, so we spent a lot of time in front of that TV… free entertainment! 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m confident I’ll make FANTASTIC new memories! And I’m ready for this change. I’m a little sad to lose some of our stuff, but hey, it’s just stuff.

Time to move on!