Welcome to my blog!

A couple of weeks ago my partner landed a great job in Auckland, New Zealand. At first, I was worried about the long distance, but I don’t worry about that anymore… because I have decided to go with him. I’ve been fortunate to have a steady job in Washington D.C. for the past three years, but I long for adventure. I hope that moving to New Zealand will be a positive and exciting move!

To share this terrifying and exciting change, I have decided to start a blog.

For now, I am still working at my current job and trying to figure out all the mundane details about the move… what to do with our belongings we can’t take with us, how to navigate the visa and work situation in Auckland, what kind of phone I need and if they sell my kind of shampoo in NZ; as well as the funner things, like how far a drive is Hobbiton from downtown Auckland, how much do scuba lessons cost and could we afford a flat near the water? For the last question, it’s an island, so I hope the answer is yes!

I’ve started this blog pre-move so that I can get the hang of the blog tool and to share the job hunt and moving process as well.